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Digital Healthcare is the means to solve Physical & Physiological Healthcare Access Crisis

Technology is not destiny in itself. Technology is enabler that facilitates journey to reach to destiny. The destiny in this case is to make the Healthcare access available to the last citizen of the country and the last person on the earth.

Biggest question is that who is this last person who do we need to make the healthcare access available.

Is it someone struggling to live in remote village without the access of real world, someone at the tip of Mount Everest, on someone lost in the Sahara desert or someone enjoying the chill in the ocean of ice on Antarctica island?

We have, these remote villages, these tips of Mount everests, these lost ones in Sahara deserts and ones in chills of Antarcticas lying among us, around us, within us in this real habitat only.

Today’s Healthcare Access Crisis can be broadly divided into two categories:

1. PHYSICAL HEALTHCARE ACCESS CRISIS, which further has 2 different sub-categories within it:

Category 1: Physical Healthcare Crisis represented by population not having physical access to healthcare because of absence of healthcare facility in the vicinity

Category 2: Physical Healthcare Crisis represented by population not having physical access to healthcare because of absence/lack of caretakers to take them to healthcare facility in the vicinity.

2. PHYSIOLOGICAL HEALTHCARE ACCESS CRISIS: which further has 3 different sub-categories within it:

Category 1: Physiological Healthcare Crisis represented by population having physical access to healthcare but find it cumbersome to utilize.

Category 2: Physiological Healthcare Crisis represented by population having physical access to healthcare but do not believe in need for healthcare consultation intervention.

Category 3: Physiological Healthcare Crisis represented by population having physical access to healthcare, undertake initial healthcare consultation but do not care to follow up for repeat diagnosis or continuation or medication.

The real spirit of Digital Healthcare Access is to allow Healthcare Access Facilitation for each of these population representing either Physical & or Physiological Healthcare Crisis.

The solutions to be offered through Digital Healthcare Access has to be guided to reach to each of these categories and sub-categories of population.

While we do the identification of demography and specific issues, the ACCESS METHODOLOGIES would be even more guided for pinpointed Healthcare delivery to needy population:

Digital Healthcare is the means to solve Physical & Physiological Healthcare Access Crisis. Digital Healthcare has to act as enabler and connector. The connections can vary and the Digital Healthcare Solutions can be innovatively built based on need for specific Category of Population having Healthcare Access Crisis and set of issues bugging that population. These solutions could make efforts towards any of following:

Connecting Patient with Doctor (Primary/Secondary)

Connecting Patient with Diagnosis

Connecting Patient with Pharmacy/Devices

Connecting Patient with Payer

Connecting Patient with Hospital

Connecting Patient with Patient/Advocacy Group

Connecting Patient with Health Education

Connecting Patient with Paramedic staff (eg. Physiotherapist/Nurse/Compounder)

Connecting Patient with Health Record (Local/remote monitoring)

Connecting Patient with Ambulance/Emergency Services

Connecting Patient with Hospice/Rehabilitation Centre

Connecting Patient with Personalised Health Coach

Connecting Patient with Fitness Centres/Clubs

Connecting Patient with Travel Agents

Connecting Patient with Ambulatory services

Connecting Patient with Critical Care Services

Connecting Patients with Trauma Care

Connecting Patient with Beauty & Wellness Care

Connecting Patient with Preventive Health Care

Connecting Patient to Health Screening

Connecting Patient with Country’s Healthcare Delivery System While there are many Digital Healthcare Access products and solutions available, instead of the fancy nature of the Digital business, it has to be guided to specific Healthcare Access Crisis Population facing specific Healthcare Access issues with specific Digital Healthcare Access solution.

Window of Opportunity-Have a Digital window for your Healthcare, Pharma and Life Science organization

Healthcare organizations are integral part of complete value chain of connected healthcare. When every other component of Healthcare value chain has started to have their own Digital window, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences organizations can’t be left behind.

Patients have Digital window

Growing internet connectivity and Smartphone reach has been triggering Digital healthcare revolution.

There are growing number of informed patients having Access to Disease and Drug information and Patient education tools.

Patients have now Access to various big and small Digital Healthcare applications such as Fitness tracking, Patient education, Genomics, Cloud storage of individual’s Healthcare data, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) & Electronic Health Record (EHR), Digital Diagnostics, Mobile Diagnostic sensors etc facilitating speed and connectivity.

Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals have Digital window

Across the countries the Digitals Healthcare Solution tools are gaining grounds such as Telemedicine, Remote patient monitoring, Predictive analytics, Comparative effectiveness data, Wellness programs, Care coordinators, Patient adherence initiatives, Electronic access to treatment protocols, Standard treatment protocols, Digital Diagnostics, Genomics, Patient demonstration tools, Augmented and Virtual reality for eg. Surgical simulations, Robotic surgery and so on.

Payers have Digital Window

Every payer including Government, medical insurance organization is aspiring to gather as much individual’s and population healthcare data to take informed decision on premium and reimbursements.

Have a Digital window for your Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences organization

Healthcare organizations have gamut of options while planning their Digital window such as Research and Development, Drug discovery, Molecular Modeling, Medical information, Beyond the pills technologies, Pharmacovigilance, e-safety, Clinical trials simulation and conduction, Real world efficacy and safety data capture, Patient data analytics, Toxicology, Smart factory, Digital Supply chain, Connectivity with channel partners and Pharmacies, Medical education to Physicians, Healthcare providers and patients, Marketing efforts and countless to count on.

Taking these decisions are not as easy as it may seem like. Different geographies are at different stages of Digital evolution. An organization has to assess its current Digital bandwidth, watch for gap areas that come from core of business need and not just as fashion statement of going Digital, Evaluate a select and suitable Digital tool for specific function(s) of the organization, Experiment, Achieve Success and Scale up.

This will happen not in bits and pieces approaches but will happen through carefully crafted, senior management driven integrated digital policies. One has to start now for competitive edge before it is too late. Closing eyes today will increase complexity in digital connectivity in not so far near future.

MedHawker as Digital partner

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